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Why join?

Why Join?

  • Hands-on experience in a professional, multicultural environment
  • Training from recognised industrial design and business management experts, European professors and entrepreneurs encompassing different aspects such as budgeting, production technology and marketing within industrial design management
  • Practical course of working on specific problem related to industrial design and developing a real-life scenario
  • Gaining valuable contacts
  • Improving group work skills
  • Sharing the passion of industrial design

How to Join?

Recruitment for the 1st Training Cycle lasted from 1st February 2012 until 15th March 2012. Recruitment for the 2nd Training Cycle took place from the 1st November and lasted until 15th December 2012. The recruitment to the 3rd and last cycle of the project took place in autumn 2013.

Grand Showcase Model Gdynia

We are pleased to announce that the project received a prolongation approval and one more training session will be organised in Gdynia in July 2014! Information on the recruitment procedure will be available very soon. For more questions, e-mail or call

All contacts are listed HERE.

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