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Professionals in their core area of their activity often lack business competences and management skills necessary to run a successful business. Students and graduates in economics, management, business and law do not consider industrial design management a profitable sector for a professional career, underestimating its business potential and associating it only with non-manageable artistic activity.

Production companies and design studios in the Baltic Sea Region need to learn that they can look for partners not only within their native countries, but within the entire region which will substantially facilitate development of industrial design sector.

Project activities

1. Each year, during the 3 years project implementation, 5 groups consisting of 6 participants will work on specific problem related to industrial design and develop a real-life scenario, encompassing different aspects such as budgeting, technology, marketing etc.

2. Participants will attend thematic blocks of trainings and will be assisted with external experts/ consultants to fill potential knowledge gaps.

3. After each of the project cycles the participants will take part in creative mix meetings in Sweden, where they present their developed ideas to the industrial design management professionals who will evaluate them.

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