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Speakers for Gdynia training session 08-11th July 2014

The list of speakers for the Grande Finale training session in Gdynia was impressive! See who conducted the design management process under the eye of Kathryn Best from 8 to 11th of July 2014 at PPNT Gdynia!


Confirmed prelegents
  • Kathryn Best
  • Zuzanna Skalska
  • Pete Kercher
  • Martin Riber Andersen
  • Ralph Talmont
  • Jenny Fossum
  • Lina Öhlund Karboub
  • dr inż. arch. Ksenia Piątkowska
  • dr inż. arch. Piotr Czyż
  • arch. Anna Grajper
  • arch. Sebastian Dobiesz
Kathryn Best - author of ‘Design Management: Managing Design Strategy, Process and Implementation’, and ‘The Fundamentals of Design Management’, a consultant, educator and frequent speaker at conferences and design festivals internationally. Consults, coaches and lectures on the power of creativity and design to affect change in business and society. Currently working with individuals and organisations on ways to unlock more conscious approaches to innovation and transformation in today’s society and economy. A revised second edition of ‘Design Management’ and a brand new book are due for release in late 2014. 
Pete Kercher - ambassador, member and founder of EIDD Design for All Europe. Lecturer and author of publications, speaker at international conferences and seminars, active promoter of design for all idea. Advisor of public authorities within strategic design and improvement of public space.
Martin Riber Andersen - Senior Consultant at PARK advanced design management, specialist in transformational innovation and design processes. During his career he has focused on developing and leading projects in creative management and leadership as well as integrating research and concept studies with product, brand and business development. Out of the box thinker. Worked for LEGO for 8 years, followed by 7 years as a consultant.
Zuzanna Skalska – expert in trend research. After studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven and in 1998 graduating from Academy of Fine Art & Design in Den Bosch, Zuzanna worked for Philips Design in Eindhoven in their strategic design department as a Sensorial Trend Analyst. From 2007, Zuzanna operates under her own brand 360° and keeps her eye on changes in the economy, society, technology, environment and politics. Jury member for various international design awards. Skalska is co-founder of School of Form in Poznań, Poland.
Ralph Talmont - creative strategist, communications consultant, multimedia producer, innovation catalyst, photographer and author with deep experience in servicing individual, corporate and SME clients on four continents. Speaker, presenter and coach on creativity, communication and new media. Advisor to early stage startups in the wearable technology space. Curator and Team Leader for TEDxWarsaw.
Jenny Fossum, Lina Öhlund Karboub - True Creative – design strategists from Sweden, customer experience designers. Run True Creative specialised in service design and customer experience management within the fields of lifestyle, travel, tourism and community design. Their services range from planning, consumer insights, strategic and creative direction to design of services, places and products. Human wellbeing is at the heart of their business unifying the objectives of health, personal achievement and the quality of life.
Ksenia Piątkowska, PhD – independent architect focused on public buildings’ architecture. Currently employed at the Architecture Faculty of Gdansk University of Technology. Graduated from Architektur Fakultät Universität Stuttgart (2002) and Architecture Faculty of Gdańsk University of Technology (2002). Her present scientific specialisation: ‘Expos’ and ‘Architecture as an instrument in branding process’. Curator of exhibitions.
Piotr Czyż, PhD – architect and philosopher, assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Gdansk. Deals with social role of architecture and cultural background of modernism and postmodernism. Will consult in the field of: cultural aspects of design and social responsibility of proposed design solutions.
arch. Anna Grajper - graduated from the TU Wrocław, the Faculty of Architecture, architect and researcher of Interactive Architecture. Gained experience in Poland and abroad, at the Faculty of Architecture in Oulu/Finland. In 2011-2013, she worked in the Dutch architectural studio DeZwarteHond. Founder of LAX laboratory for architectural experiments. Studies the relationship between architectural affordances, technology and human behaviour, combining them in her PhD research and architectural practice.
arch. Sebastian Dobiesz -architect and urban planner by profession, yet an urban planner and architect by love and passion. Graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology, specialising in urban strategies for big cities’ suburbs. Gained professional experience in Poland, UK, Finland, Spain and the Netherlands so far. Worked on large-scale masterplans in Russia and China. One of them was "HOUSING WITH A MISSION", a project developed for VANKE, awarded at the international biennale of architecture and urbanism in Shanghai in 2012. ______________________________________________________________
Confirmed experts:
Achim Hack –Expertise in Interior Design. Involved in several national and international projects in the design field. A practitioner. In collaboration with interior design company focused on exhibition design, retail and furniture design and manufacture.
Paweł Warszycki - Executive Director and Project Researcher at the HIE-RO Institute. University lecturer in Business Education at the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Rostock. Specialises in Project Management and Expertise.
Monika Tomczyk, PhD – works at the University of Szczecin (Faculty of Economics) in the field of economic aspects of creative industry and its impact on the regional economic development. Specialises in design management, business models in the creative sector and management aspects on micro-economic level. Director of a Culture Incubator promoting innovative ideas in the field of creative industry. Chairman of the Mediadizajn Association supporting regional and international activities focused on design and economic aspects in the creative industry. I
Manfred Grigo, PhD - specialist in physics, consultant engineer. Company representative at Eikboom GmbH I
Detlev Andrich, PhD – specialist in mechanical engineering. CEO and Company representative Baltic Engineering Flare GmbH I